Tutorials for Guides

Guides: How to set your Availability

If you are a guide, you can change your availability yourself on the site. To do this you must first log on to the Sherpana site, make sure you are on the guide login (not the user login): guide login

If you have not set your password or forgot your password click on the link ‘forgot password’ and follow the instructions on the email that is sent to you.

Once you have logged in, go to the main menu in the upper right of the window and select ‘My Treks’.  Scroll down to the calendar.

To mark dates unavailable, click on a green ‘Available’ date.  Select the last date you will be unavailable to lead treks.

To make dates available, or to edit a block of ‘Unavailable’ dates, click on the date you want to make available.  You can then click the ‘make available” button to make all dates in this block available or you can change the dates in the form.

As always contact us if you have any questions.