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ATMs and Changing Money in Nepal


Many ATMs accept foreign cards throughout the major cities of Nepal, including Kathmandu and Pokhara, and at the international airport.  However, most banks usually limit the amount of currency that can be taken out in 24 hours. Check with your bank to see what your limit is. Please keep in mind that if you are going for a trek and planning to rely solely on ATM cards, make sure you have enough time in Kathmandu to get the amount of cash out you need for the entire trek.

Local ATMs have rather low limits of what you can take out per transaction and relatively high fees, usually 500 NPR per transaction (a little under $5 USD).   The highest limits I’ve seen are 35,000 NPR (a little under $350 USD) per transaction.  Taking out the largest possible amount is a way to limit these fees.  You can do multiple transactions up to your home bank’s limit, but you will incur 500 NPR fees on each transaction in addition to any fee your own bank may charge.

Nepal Banks with 35,000 NPR maximum withdrawal on their ATMs

Nabil Bank
view locations in Kathmandu
view locations in Pokhara

Standard Chartered
view locations in Kathmandu
view locations in Pokhara


Locations with ATMs or banks on Trekking routes

If you are in a pinch for cash on a trek you may be able to withdraw cash at in these places however they should not be relied upon.  Down network connections, power outages, and the machines running out of cash can render the ATMs useless.

Namche Bazaar (Everest Region)– There are 2 atms operated by Siddhartha Bank in Namche Bazaar as of the last report they only accepted visa debit cards not Maestro/ Mastercard.  There are also 3 banks where money can be changed, the banks are not open on Saturday. 

Jomsom (Annapurna Region)– There is an ATM and two banks in Jomsom.


Banks and Money Changers

There are also many money changers in Thamel where you can change US dollars at slightly higher rates, longer hours, and with less bureaucracy than at banks.

Currencies that can be changed in Nepal

  • US Dollar
  • Euro
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Australian Dollar
  • Singapore Dollar
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • UK Pound Sterling
  • Swiss Franc
  • Japanese Yen
  • Chinese Renminbi (Yuan)
  • Saudi Arabian Riyal
  • Qatari Riyal
  • UAE Dirham
  • Malaysian Ringgit
  • South Korean Won
  • Swedish Krone
  • Danish Krone
  • Kuwaiti Dinar
  • Bahraini Dinar
  • Thai Bhat